Why is Screen Printing Still Relevant?


A lot of individuals from Atlanta ask us how come screen printing is still relevant. We tell them that it is not just relevant currently but is here to stay for a long term. This is because the screen printing offers what the clients consider the most important factor: quality.

This form of printing offers precise color matching. Several corporate clients have unique requirements related to prints that digital technique can’t offer. For example, you can economical clear coats, metallic colors, and textures through screen print but not digital format.

Even the durability is more in screen. This is because the ink used is absorbed by the fabric, as pressure is applied on the cloth using a squeegee. The graphics printed in this manner last for years.

It will also remain a preferred choice of brands and even t-shirt designers because it enables large-sized printing. You can scale a single image upwards or downwards as per your needs.

And the best part is that the screen printing is not limited to t-shirts. One can use it for hats, posters, and even promotional banners using a same screen.

We have these factors might have answered the confusion related to the future of this form of printing. Here, at Atlanta Screen Prints, we deliver finest possible quality using latest equipment. Go through the images of t-shirts we have designed in the past to analyze the quality yourself.

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Author: atlscreenprint

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