We offer oversized prints for t-shirts with high resolution


Fashion is something that keeps on evolving every few years. Sometimes, the designers experiment with what’s printed on the clothes, whereas in other cases, they offer an innovative shape to an already existing design.

If we talk about t-shirts, the latest trend these days is oversized prints. A lot of t-shirt suppliers, retailers, and corporate houses connect with us to create custom T-shirts online with such prints.

The oversized print covers the area from the t-shirt’s neck to the bottom. This means the clients don’t have to limit the scope of their design due to size-related issues. It is also a great way to integrate both text and graphics in a single design. Various stylists feel that such prints let the wearer create bold statements.

In spite of large-sized prints, we ensure there is no compromise with the quality. If the design in your mind involves multiple colors, you need not worry. Our screen printing solutions let us include up to 14 colors in half tones. To make the design gracious and uncommon, you can ask us for gradient fills. If you have a specific design in your mind, upload it online on our website.

It is due to the quality of these prints that local suppliers rely on us for their t-shirt needs. For more details, visit atlantascreenprints.com. In case of any query or to discuss your requirements, call us at this number:  770.978.2854. We also respond actively via email: sales@atlantascreenprints.com.

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