Screen Printing (5-10 business days)

Step 1.  Create the ART
              The art is created, a composite is sent to the customer for print approval and then we make film from that art, one film for each color to be printed.
              We then procure the apparel or substrate to be printed.
Step 2.  Create the screens
              Once the art has been approved and we have the film then we make the screens from that film. A screen is a frame with very fine mesh fabric stretched tightly around it.
              Here at Atlanta Screenprints we use aluminum frames, retentionable “Newman” frames and even use a few wooden frames for smaller manual prints.
              This fabric is coated in a photo sensitive emulsion and carefully dried in a dehumidified dark room and then later sandwiched with the film and exposed to light in an exposure unit.
              The film blocks the light in specific areas and the areas exposed to light harden.
              Once the exposure time is complete we wash away those blocked areas and a stencil is created. (Like a negative)
Step 3. Printing- Forcing ink through the stencil onto our finished product.
              Using a squeegee, (a rubber blade slightly smaller than the inside of the frame)  ink is then applied to the inside of the screen and spread across the stencil and through the open mesh onto the
              substrate underneath. The unblocked area is where the ink filters through and creates the image. Any number of colors can be used, although a separate screen is required for each color.
              In most cases we would load the screen into one of our automatic presses and the machine will actually do the printing while we load blank garments on and pull the printed garments off.
              We do however use manual printing presses as well for smaller or less complicated jobs that would be faster or cheaper to do manually.
Step 4. Curing the Print
              Once a garment or “substrate” is printed we generally run it down a conveyer oven called a “dryer” and the ink is heated to about 320 degrees to cure it and make it permanent or washable.
Step 5. Packing and shipping
             Once printing is complete and quality control is passed the goods are packed and shipped or prepped for pickup.


Direct to Garment (DTG Printing (1-3 days)

We are proud to offer a DTG print solution for smaller or very complex images that are for print runs generally smaller than 36 pieces.

Step 1. Bring us your garment, or choose your garment from hundreds of options we offer.
Step 2. Bring us your art/design or have us create it for you. (Your approval on art is required before we print)
Step 3. We will pretreat the garment (prepare it for printing) and digitally print your art on the garment(s) you have chosen.
Step 4. Once printing is complete and quality control is passed, the goods are packed and shipped or prepped for pickup


Embroidery (7-14 days)

Step 1. Send us your design or art.
Step 2. We will send it to our digitizer and get a price for digitizing and a rough idea of the stitch count.
Step 3. Once you approve the cost of the Digitizing and embroidery then we create the DST file to sew from.
Step 4. We acquire all the blank goods and schedule embroidery production.
Step 5. Once embroidery is complete and quality control is passed the goods are packed and shipped or prepped for pickup


Vinyl lettering and numbers (5-10 days)

Step 1. Send us your requirements (names, numbers, locations)
Step 2. We will send you back a color composite of what we believe you asked for so you can approve it before we apply.
Step 3. We will use your goods or acquire the goods you have requested and schedule production.
Step 4. We custom cut and weed all your graphics and lettering or numbers and then apply them to the garments.
Step 5. Once production is complete and quality control is passed the goods are packed and shipped or prepped for pickup


Web Store Design (7-14 days)

Step 1. Sit with us and share your vision with us for your apparel line.
Step 2. We will quote you based on the time to create your online store at a rate of about $45 and hour (Half the cost of a good mechanic)
Step 3. Once your store is created and you approve it you take possession of that store and begin learning how to process your orders and market your line.
Step 4. We will support you to make changes, add products, and produce your product for you so you can fill your orders.


Branding / Private Labels  (5-10 days)

Step 1. Sit with us and share your vision with us for your Brand.
Step 2. We will quote you on helping you to create a Logo or modify an existing one, recommend how to optimize your Brand identity on your products without exceeding a budget.
Step 3. We can create labels, and begin helping you Brand your Apparel so your Brand is the Only Brand on your products.
Step 4. Once your Brand has been created we can proceed with re-branding all of your unbranded products.


Creating Original Art for you (3-5 days)

Step 1. E-mail or sit with me and describe your art need, I’ll usually sketch something out roughly right there to give you an Idea of what I can do for you.
Step 2. I will give you an art quote right there while I’m sitting with you or if you contacted me by e-mail I’ll send you back a realistic cost quote to create the art.
Step 3. Estimated Creative art is paid in advance but turned in just a few days and we will send you a color composite to approve with the finished art.
Step 4. Once you approve the art we can proceed to print production or provide you with film if you want to print elsewhere.


Contract Screen Printing Guidelines

For pricing, please read over these guidelines, and if they are acceptable call 770-978-2854, and David or Claire will email you the pricing based on your expected annual printing quantities. Click here to read our contract printing guidelines…