Screen Printing Myths, Debunked

In the last few years, screen printing has become quite popular among the corporate houses and small businesses looking for customized clothing solutions. A lot of clients looking for screen printing company in Atlanta often connect with us. Some of these clients have misconceptions related to this form of printing.

To offer better clarity, we have debunked the myths related to screen printing.

Myth: It is only for bulk orders

Reality: A company can accept even small orders. For branding in the initial stages or for distributing the tees among the employees, the requirement may be less. You can connect with us for even such small orders.

Myth: Clothes will flake or peel

Reality: It only happens if you get your prints from a substandard service. Someone like Atlanta Screen Prints uses the latest technology to ensure the print never peels or flakes.

Myth: High-quality print isn’t possible on dark fabrics

Reality: With the latest technology, it is possible to get the finest prints on even the darkest fabrics. In fact, a lot of orders we receive are for dark shades, as it looks classy.

Myth: It is limited to the t-shirts

Reality: You can print sweatshirts, hoodies, and other clothing items. Just discuss with our representatives with all the available options.

For high-end screen printing solutions, t shirt screen printing in Atlanta, connect with us today. We will guide you through the process of printing and offer printing suggestions that resonate with your brand. Learn more about our Atlanta-based solutions from here:


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