Popular T-shirt Design Trends


At Atlanta Screen Prints, we offer sticker printing in Atlanta and other regions of Georgia. For our t-shirt printing solutions, we keep a track of latest trends that help us and other clients. Through this blog post, we discuss some t-shirt design trends are currently popular.

Pop culture references

A few years ago, t-shirts with Star Wars prints and musicians on them were all the rage. With changing times, this trend hasn’t diluted. In fact, prefer having characters of TV series and superheroes on them. It is also a wise idea to blend skate culture with pop culture.

Gradient print

The gradient print adds oodles of creativity to your t-shirt. It looks classy and is bound to attract more attention than a regular t-shirt. The best part is that you need not add multiple colors, it is just a single color with different gradients

Hem Tags

Using hem tags can be beneficial if you are trying to build a market for your brand. The tags are usually added on the sleeve, the neckline, or on the t-shirt’s bottom.

One color print

There are two benefits of one color prints. First, there is always a demand for design with such prints. Second, the cost of printing is quite low. Therefore, you can’t ignore this style if you are planning to launch your own line of t-shirts.

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