Will you print on my shirts?

Yes, if you meet certain criteria, please visit our “services” page and see if you meet all 6 steps for “Contract Printing”.If you do not qualify as a tax exempt buyer, we may still be able to print your goods but you must be aware that we may not be able to replace any misprints that occasionally happen in the printing process and there are additional set up charges that will apply.

Do you take Credit and Debit cards?

Yes we take most forms of Major Credit Cards.

Can I have my screens?

No we recycle the screens and use them again on the next job, the screen charge is really the labor and materials cost of the recycling process. However on any reorder the screens are discounted by 33%.

Can I have my Film?

YES, anytime we create art and film for a print we charge for these items separately, and if you request the film at the completion of the job you are welcome to keep them yourself no problem. Just remember if you damage the film so much that they cannot be used again we will have to charge you for new film again before we can reprint. We will store any film relating to a job by design number indefinatly and if film becomes damaged while in our posesion we replace it free of charge even if its just wear and tear..

I have found an ink spot on one of my shirts can you get it out?

Yes more than likely. If you bring it by we can use a spot remover gun that can more often than not remove the ink from the garment. This happens occasionally and has no ill effect on the garment unless the garment is not colored using “color fast” dyes.

Do you make Transfers?

Yes but only for our own in house use. The ones we make do not have a long shelf life and if stored for any length of time they loose the ability to transfer properly.

Do you print Hats?

YES, well actually we print transfers and then heat transfer the image to the hat so that we can do multiple colors and have a clean print on a curved surface. (we can also embroider hats).

Can I ship goods to you and have you print them and send them directly to my customer?

YES, we do that for a lot of other companies, and we are very good at removing our name from all the boxes so that your customer will never know you didn’t print them yourself. (Please read the contract printing guidelines under services).

Why is it so much more expensive to do just a few shirts?

It takes time to do the art, film, and screens, the cost of these three steps must be divided btween the total number of shirt to print so the fewer shirts you have the more per shirt, by the same token the more shirts you have to divide the setup costs between the cheaper each shirt will be!.

Do I have to pay sales tax if I'm with a school or church?

If your purchasing the goods with the intent to resell them at retail and will be collecting sales tax at that point, you should get a business license and a tex exempt certificate. The state will make more money off your retail price than they would off our whoolesale price. If you provide us with that tax exempt certificate then I don’t have to charge you sales tax. If however you do not have a Tax exempt certificate at the point that you pick up and pay for the goods I will have to charge you sales tax. (we must have your tax exempt certificate on file to prove to the powers that be that you were in fact tax exempt.).