How Does Screen Printing Work?


A lot of our customers are curious about how screen printing works. Through this blog post, we discuss the process of photo-realistic screen printing.

At our facility, it all begins by finalizing the design. The customers either send up the design or take the support of our design experts for the recommendations.

The screen for the printing is prepared with a piece of mesh that is stretched over a frame. The mesh is often made up of synthetic polymers, like nylon. The frame for holding the mesh is prepared using materials like aluminum or wood.

The next step is the selection of ink. There are various choices related to ink. The commonly used inks are made using PVC particles.

The application of ink to the shirt is the further step. This is the step when actual printing takes place. It is a step-by-step process where each step involves the printing of one color.

The screen prints do not remain on the surface of the clothing. They are actually integrated into the fabric, due to which the result is last-longing.

The best about this form of printing is that it isn’t limited to t-shirts. It can be used for the printing of banners, posters, hats, and other promotions stuff.

At Atlanta Screen Prints, we have a provision of oversized prints at reasonable prices. A lot of small manufacturers and suppliers connect with us for their printing needs. We have several regular customers from Monroe, Georgia who expect superior quality custom screen printing.

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