Creative Ideas to Customize Your Own Shirt


A lot of individuals and brands tell us that their heads are brimming with ideas related to t-shirt designs. But, not every idea translates into a quality product. To ensure the best results when you plan to customize your own shirt, follow these design tips:

Complementary colors

We usually go for common color combos, which isn’t exactly a bad idea. But, if you are planning something different, go for the right complementary color combo. Your t-shirt color should be complementary to the designer logo. You can do this by choosing a color that’s on the opposite side of the spectrum of the garment.

Crackled print

This method will help in adding dimension to your t-shirt print. Ask your t-shirt printing solutions provider for this option. Such design helps in enhancing the effect of a vintage-inspired look.

Placement of the logo/print

For two-tone garments, over pocket prints are the best option. You can further enhance the effect by using contrasting color pallets. For high-quality feel, you can consider printing over a zipper.

Analogous colors

For screen printing, choosing a combination of analogous colors for t-shirt and ink is a good idea. The analogous colors, such as yellow and orange, are next to each other if you check the color wheel. They offer a low contrast harmony.

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