Combine Screen Printing and Embroidery to Create Unique Tees


Several companies get confused when it comes to choosing between embroidery and custom screen printing in Atlanta for their tees. Each of these processes has a unique set of benefits over other, which might increase the confusion.

Now, imagine combining the benefits of both. You can do this by combining screen printing and embroidery. Perhaps you haven’t considered this option or have heard the same from someone else.

The photo-realistic screen printing on your apparel will enable you to create high-end designs with gradients and shading. The price also remains in control. The elements that require detailing on your t-shirt can be easily printed using this method. 

The embroidery, on the other hand, offers a classy look that is necessary for every brand looking to establish credibility among the clients.

Tips to keep in mind:

The combination works perfectly when you mix soft plastisol screen printing with embroidery sewn just above the top of the ink. Make sure your pattern is simple. There should be enough room to place your embroidered logo.

Avoid using the extremely big logo, as the garment might fail to house the condensed design. Talking about the fabrics, try to choose the heavier one.

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At Atlanta Screen Prints, we will create amazing designs using the combination of these two methods. If you aren’t sure what design will suit you the best, we can offer several suggestions.

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